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Sweet Sparkles Handmade Jewelry

About Sweet Sparkles by Jessica Berg

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Jessica Berg for Sweet Sparkles creates handmade jewelry using only the very best Swarovski crystals set in plated-brass settings. Sweet Sparkles carries an extremely large selection of crystal colors to suit anyone's taste. The bracelets are so lightweight and versatile they can be worn from work to the gym, to shopping, to a night on the town!

I started off making these bracelets for myself so that I could have sparkles to match anything I wore. Pretty soon my friends all wanted sparkles, then their friends wanted sparkles, then complete strangers wanted sparkles... Before I knew it "SPARKLING" became my life and my very own small business. I am just a small-town girl who loves to sparkle. I have fabulous and beautiful customers from every walk of life. Ladies who have taught me that no matter where you come from, live now or wherever you are heading that EVERY girl deserves to sparkle and shine every single day. To me each bracelet is a special reminder right on my customers' wrists to leave a little sparkle wherever it is they may go!